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  • Why should I work with GKPartners.com?

    Our GKPartners Portal gives you a way to utilize your network to create new conversions through a customized program that is tailored to your needs.
    You’ll get premium support from experienced partnership professionals, extensive and effective marketing materials and fast and easy payments.

  • Is there a cost to become an partner?

    Signing up with us to become an partner is 100% free!

  • How do I register for Globalkapitalpartners.com?

    Registration is quick and easy, just sign up  and you’ll be put in touch with one of our expert affiliate managers.

  • What kind of marketing materials do you offer?

    When you sign up you gain access to a full library of marketing materials including landing pages and banners of all sizes in a wide range of languages.
    You will also have access to reviews and you will be paired with an affiliate manager who can help to connect you with any materials you need.

  • How will I track my progress?

    Our partners have access to advanced marketing analytics, monitoring and tracking tools which will allow you to hone your campaigns with pin-point accuracy.

  • Why does licensing and regulation matter?

    Global Kapital Partners represents Brokers which are regulated and are licensed in the EU under the FCA & CySEC where the represented Brokers are obliged to uphold the strictest standards. Therefor please ensure you comply also with all laws and rules that are applicable to the provision of your services

  • What products can I advertise?

    You can advertise a wide range of FX & CFD (Stocks, Indexes, Commodities, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies) products which can be traded on the most dynamic trading platforms such as MetaTrader or Sirix. Please keep in mind, that all financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk for the capital of the introduced potential clients. They are not suited to all investors because of its high risk character. Please ensure that your website explains the risks to the potential clients involved with trading our product and you comply with all laws and rules that are applicable to the provision of your services.

How to Become a Partner

Become partner of GK Partner and get premium support from experienced professionals, extensive
and effective marketing materials, and fast and easy payments.
You can become our partner with 3 easy steps; Register, Log in and take-off!

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    Step1 Register

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    Step2 Log in

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    Step3 Take-off!



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